All liturgies and parish programs on parish grounds are postponed until further notice.

Welcome to St. Anthony's!

Fr Pete thank for your 26 years of service to our parish! You have been a blessing to our community and have shown us the heart of what true Priesthood is about! Thank you for empowering the women and men within our parish community to be the hands and feet of Christ!        We will always love you and miss you!
Message and update from Fr Pete

Many have been asking for an update on the parish. Up until very recently, there was little information to share and so I apologize for the delay in sharing anything concrete. Today I received a call from the Diocese and will share what I know at this point and will continue to update you as I have more information.

It is still undecided regarding who will be administering this parish when I retire. The conversation within the Diocese is ongoing. As you know, I will be retiring at the end of this month. My last recorded Mass will be on June 28th and I will offer a farewell message this weekend for the Feast of St. Anthony. I will continue to be around in a limited capacity for the month of July to work with the Diocese, staff, and council as it transitions. What the transition will look like is yet to be determined. During the month of July, the parish will not be open for any public liturgies or gatherings. Based on a number of factors, including my own situation, we are unprepared at this point to open with safe social distancing practices. How and when the parish will reopen for liturgies and gatherings is still to be determined, but it will not be before August. I understand how much you all miss being here, and you are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

Following the recorded liturgy for June 28, I will not be broadcasting any more masses on Facebook or the parish Website here at St. Anthony’s, so I encourage you to watch the Mass through the Diocese of Cleveland website, the website of a nearby parish, or a TV mass. Remember too that some of our neighboring Catholic parishes have reopened in a restricted format and may be able to accommodate you, if you choose to attend elsewhere while St. Anthony’s is closed. And be reminded that there is a dispensation from Mass attendance granted by the Diocese until further notice. Congregants over the age of 65 are encouraged not to participate in public worship at this time, considering we are still in the midst of COVID-19.

As many of you remember, I suffered this past fall with a serious respiratory infection. Given my age and developing health concerns, on the recommendation of my doctor I have been granted full retirement at the age of 70. I had announced several months ago that I would be taking a 6 month sabbatical upon my retirement from St. Anthony’s and would subsequently be working in a parish as a part-time senior associate until the age of 75. However, because of COVID-19 and the health concerns mentioned I will be unable to travel for a sabbatical and have been granted full retirement.

Many have asked where I will be going. I have private living arrangements secured in Painesville, and in the future may at times be able to fill in for clergy who may be in need of weekend help. But I will not be assigned to another parish and I will not be able to do much until the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

I have served as a priest for 44 years and have loved every minute of it. It’s time to take a break. Please keep me in your prayers. You are always in mine. - Fr. Pete

We are in unprecedented times. It is not in our nature to be still, especially in today's fast paced world, but that is just what we are asked to do. 
All Liturgies and Parish programs on St Anthony property are postponed.
Please take this time, to appreciate one another. Take time to talk to one another and listen to each other. And PRAY! Listen for God's voice at this time. A wise friend once said,
"When it seems to be the darkest, it is then our God is closest to us" 
May God Bless you always, keep you safe and hold you in the palm of His hand!
  • The Diocese of Cleveland is also offering Sunday and daily mass through the diocese website and Facebook page.
  • Also, FOX 8 televises a weekly Sunday Mass at 6am. You can always set the DVR record and watch the Mass at a later time. 
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Saint Anthony of Padua Church, Fairport Harbor

May the Light of Faith shine forth from our parish as a beacon to guide our community to the Lord. When life seems difficult and troublesome, may our faith offer us security and strength. When we come together to celebrate God's gifts may the Holy Spirit fill us with joy.



As members of God’s family, we have a commitment to use our God-given talents to promote God’s message of love, to worship, educate, evangelize, and respond to the spiritual and human needs of our parish, cluster, diocese, district, community, and all other people. 
Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are called to be a lighthouse of faith to shine forth from our parish as a beacon to guide our community to the Lord.  When life seems difficult and troublesome, our faith offers us security and strength.  When we come together to celebrate God’s gifts, the Holy Spirit fills us with joy.
We are a welcoming Catholic community in Lake County, Ohio. Our pastoral staff Fr. Peter Mihalic and Deacon John Wenzel invite you to join us for worship, faith formation and fellowship.
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Due to the COVID 19 outbreak- all Liturgies and parish programs are suspended until Mother's Day weekend. 

Plesae pray, pray and pray for an end to this virus.

Please pray for our doctors, nurses, dentists, their assistants, home healthcare workers, and all who care for our health.

Please pray for our police, firefighters, EMS, military.

Please pray for those who have lost their jobs due to the nature of their work.

Pray for those who are now trying to discover a vaccine and/or cure this virus.

Pray for those in the service and retail industry.

Pray for our elected officials- Federal, State and Local.




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