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Mass for the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

July 18, 2021


Fr Fred's weekly message

My Sisters and Brothers of St. Anthony Parish,
I hope you are able to find some time to just get away to a deserted place—or any place
for that matter—and rest a while, or do things that can re-energize your spirit and create
wonderful memories and closer bonds with the people you love. Call it vacation, get-
away, retreat, or just adventure. We all need times like these to re-group and prepare
ourselves for what inevitably lies ahead. I used to feel that I had a pretty good idea what
lies ahead. It was generally what we planned, were used to, and counted on with a rather
high degree of certainty. Now, it very much is shaped by the words, “God only knows” or
“God-willing”. Perhaps in the long run that is a much better way to live life, and to allow
God to guide the way and to be in control. I have often heard and used the phrase, “If
God is your co-pilot, you are in the wrong seat”. How true that is, and how true it was
even for Jesus. In today’s Gospel, Jesus planned to get away with His friends to a
deserted place and rest. It may have not been Disney World, but it would have been a
nice break. However, the best laid plans. . . People found out where He was, and
actually got there before Him, and bombarded them with their many needs. Rather than
throwing them out, getting angry or frustrated, Jesus began to teach them and care for
them. Always “the Good Shepherd”. What an example of being a person for others, a
person of compassion and genuine love, a person who lived what He taught and always
did His Father’s will. In many ways, as parent or grandparent, as pastor or priest, as
friend or neighbor, we are called to be good shepherds for others, especially those who
look to us for comfort, guidance, and a gentle heart. By the way, I am very sure that at
some point Jesus was able to get away and relax with His family and friends. Everyone
needs to at some point to stay healthy and sane.
I see our coming Parish Picnic next Sunday as a nice little opportunity for us as a
community to “get away” a bit and to enjoy each other’s company and some good food
and fun with one another. The difference is, we are not really going to a “deserted place”
where we don’t think anyone can find us. Our hope is that everyone will find us. And
most important, we want Jesus to be with us. As a matter of fact, we want Him to be the
center of our celebration as we celebrate Mass outside at 11 (or in the church at 11 if the
weather doesn’t cooperate), and we want Jesus to stay with us for the picnic and always
as we gather as the Body of Christ. Come for as long as you like. Enjoy the day, and
mostly the gift of one another, and know without a doubt that the Lord will be there with us
as He always is. We also will have an opportunity to celebrate Deacon John and give
thanks for his great service to our parish. He has been, and always will be, such a
blessing to our parish.
Have a great week. Enjoy these beautiful Summer days. Take a break and have some
fun when you can. Stay rooted in God’s love. God is with us always. Be at peace.
In God’s love,
Fr. Fred

Parish Picnic update:

Picnic is scheduled for Sunday, July 25th   


Mass is planned to be celebrated outside at 11am

If the weather is rainy, we will move Mass indoors to the church and keep the 11am time.

St Anthony Parish will supply: hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, condiments, bags of chips and cake

Please bring your own chairs if you choose 


Mass for the 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

July 11, 2021



Mass for June 27, 2021

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Letter from fr David Stavarz-June 20, 2021

Brothers and Sisters of St. Anthony,
I hope you are well in these beginning days of summer! This is Fr. David, one of the
parochial vicars over at St. Gabriel. While Fr. Fred has taken a few needed weeks away for vacation,
he has commissioned me to take the pastor's column and share a few thoughts with all of you. I just
first want to say how much of a blessing it has been to be and to pray with all of you over this past
year. It is always great to see you and I can’t wait to celebrate Mass with you so that I can see all of
your beautiful faces more fully!
This weekend, God shares with us in the gospel the scene of Jesus and his disciples in the
storm at sea. When I first came to St. Gabriel two years ago, I wanted a piece of artwork that would
speak to those who came in to speak with me about any host of matters. I chose this very scene
depicted by Rembrandt. Certainly many people would be coming in during the midst of storms in
their lives. And while I am not able to fix all of their problems, as a priest, I am called to be withthem
in their struggles and trials and help them to see Jesus, the real presence of the God of love and
mercy, in their hearts.
As we well know, many things have not been ideal in our lives, country, and world in this past
year in many different ways. It has been stormy. Certainly, it was not quite how I had planned the
first years of priesthood to look like. Yet, God has been with us amidst the storms and, while the
storm of the pandemic is thankfully clearing, I believe that we can see many signs of life and God’s
One of the ministries in priesthood that I have been involved in at St. Gabriel is “Holy Hiking”.
As a Boy Scout (Yes, an Eagle Scout as well), I love being outdoors. I love the sights, sounds, and
smells of creation. While I love praying the Mass the most, I know that God speaks to me deeply
through nature. So on Saturday mornings, we have some groups meet for the 8:30am Mass and
then travel out to one of the local Metroparks to read the weekend’s gospel, hike together, and share
some thoughts and reflections. The beauty of nature meets the beauty of God’s word! It’s the best of
both worlds and I know that it was a source of joyful community during the pandemic. Check out the
St. Gabriel parish website to check out these great opportunities.
Another endeavor that God has brought me into - that I NEVER would have expected - is in
doing a podcast with one of our deacons here, Deacon Bob Grgic. A podcast basically is like your
own personal radio show that you put on the internet for others to listen to. There are podcasts on
almost any topic you can imagine. The name of our podcast is “Coffee Conversations w/ Fr. David
and Deacon Bob” which you can find on our parish website or on Itunes and Spotify. We sit and
have a casual conversation that is a caffeinated smattering on life, faith, and ministry. So grab a cup
of joe and check it out! I know that it has been fun for deacon and I to do and has been a blessing to
those who have listened.
Know that all of you remain in my prayers as we journey into the summer together and I
hope that you have a blessed week! Certainly, we want to wish our fathers a very blessed Father’s
Day. Fathers and fatherly role models are indeed important for the health and success of our
families and our world. Thank you for all you do to sacrifice for and provide for those whom you love.
Stay holy and well and hope to see you soon!
In Christ,
Fr. David


Mass for June 20, 2021

Mass for Sunday, June 13, 2021


Confirmation Mass-March 21, 2021

Special Thank you to Kelli Knaus who prepared our Confirmation students this year!






Liturgy for Sunday January 24, 2021

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time


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Sunday October 25th, 2020

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Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are called to be a lighthouse of faith to shine forth from our parish as a beacon to guide our community to the Lord.  When life seems difficult and troublesome, our faith offers us security and strength.  When we come together to celebrate God’s gifts, the Holy Spirit fills us with joy.
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