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A HUGE THANK YOU to our parishioners for the awesome turnout for our first round of listening sessions! We had over 60 people for these listening sessions. Your input and presence give us great hope as our parish moves forward!

One of the goals of our Pastoral Plan is to conduct a parish census. We would ask that you click the link below. When you are transported to our Parishioners Census form either print it out, email us with the information we are asking for or call the parish office to update your information

St Anthony of Padua: Parishioner updated information (stafh.org)

Mass for Sunday, June 13, 2021


Feast of Corpus Christi-June 6, 2021


Trinity Sunday-May 30, 2021


Mass for Pentecost Sunday

Click here for this week's Mass-Ascension Sunday-May 16, 2021

Fr Fred's letter for May 16th, 2021

My Sisters and Brothers of St. Anthony Parish,
The torch, the flame of faith, has been handed on. When a person is baptized, the
Paschal Candle, symbol of the Risen Lord, is always lit. Soon after the child is baptized,
the priest or deacon gives the parents a small candle which is lit from the Paschal Candle,
with these words: “Receive the Light of Christ. This light is entrusted to you to be kept
burning brightly, so that your child, enlightened by Christ, may walk always as a child of
the light and, persevering in faith, may run to meet the Lord when He comes with all the
saints in the heavenly court”. Simple, beautiful, but extremely meaningful and important.
In many ways, that is what I believe this great feast of the Ascension of the Lord is all
about. Jesus has shown us the way by His life, death and resurrection. He has taught us
the message of God, and who God is. His example is one that we are called to imitate as
we take up our cross and follow Him as His disciples. The work of spreading the faith,
building the Kingdom, sharing the Good News, is now entrusted to us. God sends us His
Spirit, but we are called to be His witnesses and to do the work of proclaiming the Gospel.
Jesus says in today’s Gospel, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every
creature”. What is clearly implied is that we must start right with our own children, family,
neighbors, co-workers, and never stop. The flame of faith has been handed on to you. Is
it burning brightly?
Next weekend we celebrate Pentecost, the birth of the Church—fifty days since Easter.
Birthdays are typically times to give gifts to celebrate life, share love, and to enrich those
we are celebrating. Jesus gives us the gift of His very Spirit. So, just like we do
whenever we receive a special gift, be very grateful. Take good care of the gift, and use it
well and as it is intended. You are a precious gift to the Church. Give yourself to God
generously and continue proclaiming the Good News to every creature. Although we are
just in the initial stages of pastoral planning for our future, no plan will reach its ultimate
potential unless you are willing to share yourself, and allow the grace of God to work in
and through you. Continue to share your thoughts and vision, and listen to how God
intends to use you to spread the Good News to every creature. St. Anthony Parish needs
the gift of YOU.
Have a great week. May is such a beautiful month. Let us continue to look to and honor
Mary, who God chose to bring the Light into the world. Mary’s love enabled Jesus to
grow. I pray that the same can be said for each of us. Peace, blessings and light be with
you and within you always.
In God’s love,
Fr. Fred



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6th Sunday of Easter-May 9th, 2021

Happy Mother's Day to all our moms, we love you all so very much!


Confirmation Mass-March 21, 2021

Special Thank you to Kelli Knaus who prepared our Confirmation students this year!






Liturgy for Sunday January 24, 2021

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time


Please listen for an important message from our Pastoral Planning Team after







Sunday October 25th, 2020

1st Communion 2019-2020



May the Light of Faith shine forth from our parish as a beacon to guide our community to the Lord. When life seems difficult and troublesome, may our faith offer us security and strength. When we come together to celebrate God's gifts may the Holy Spirit fill us with joy.




As members of God’s family, we have a commitment to use our God-given talents to promote God’s message of love, to worship, educate, evangelize, and respond to the spiritual and human needs of our parish, cluster, diocese, district, community, and all other people. 
Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are called to be a lighthouse of faith to shine forth from our parish as a beacon to guide our community to the Lord.  When life seems difficult and troublesome, our faith offers us security and strength.  When we come together to celebrate God’s gifts, the Holy Spirit fills us with joy.
We are a welcoming Catholic community in Lake County, Ohio. Our pastoral staff Fr. Fred Pausche, Deacon John Wenzel and Fr. Greg Schaut invite you to join us for worship, faith formation and fellowship.
For more information concerning the parish please email us at office@stafh.org or call 440-354-4525.
For information concerning youth ministry please contact our Parish Catechetical Leader and youth minister Steve Biro at steve@stafh.org


PSR 2020-2021 Catechetical Theme


Jesus said, "Let the children come to me"

PSR Registration Form 2020-2021

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Check out our Parish's catechetical (PSR) program by clicking on the icon below.  For more information contact Steve Biro at steve@stafh.org


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Fr Fred Pausche

 St Anthony of Padua Parish Administrator

Current Mass schedule

  • Saturday (Vigil Mass) 4pm
  • Sunday-8am and 10am
  • Wednesday 8am

  Eucharistic Adoration: Wednesdays 3pm-7pm 

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Upcoming Events​​​​​

  • Wednesday, April 21-Eucharistic Adoration 3-7pm
  • Wednesday, April 21-Mass 8am
  • Sunday, April 25-Jesus Day retreat 11am-Noon
  • Saturday, May 1-"Planting for our Future" 10am Parish grounds
  • Sunday, May 2-1st Communion at the 10am Mass
  • Tuesday, May 4-Altar and Rosary Guild mtg 2pm in church
  • Sunday, May 9-May Crowning
  • Sunday, May 16-Anchored Youth Grp-Sports night 6pm




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