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Easter Sunday Mass-April 4, 2021


Good Friday Mass-April 2, 2021


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Fr Fred's weekly message-March 28, 2021

My Sisters and Brothers of St. Anthony Parish,
Our Lenten journey of preparation is coming to its fulfillment. We enter into HOLY
WEEK! Although there are a few slight modifications in how we celebrate, it is just such
a blessing that we are able to celebrate what is most important, and to do it with you in
person. If you are still not comfortable coming back, the liturgies will be video-taped,
and we are united in faith and prayer. Last week you received a complete schedule of
Holy Week liturgies. My prayer is that you will do everything you can to make this week
a priority and truly “Holy” in your life. I urge you especially to make the celebration of the
Triduum—three days—the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, the
celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday, and the celebration of the
Resurrection on Holy Saturday and continuing on Easter day, your highest priority. We
continue to celebrate the Resurrection throughout the Octave of Easter and the entire
50 days of the Easter season. This is the center of our faith, the most important days of
the entire year, and the celebration that has the potential to change our lives forever.
God is so good. Spring is here (and hopefully we will continue to experience its
beauty); health conditions are improving as more and more people are vaccinated (but
we are not totally there yet, so let us continue doing our part to keep everyone healthy
and safe). St. Anthony Parish continues to become more vibrant and alive. Most
importantly, Jesus is alive and with us, and assures us of the hope and promise of New
As we enter this holy and sacred time, I want to express genuine thanks to all our parish
servant-leaders who work so hard to keep things going and growing. I am so inspired
by the dedication of the leaders who love this parish so much and work so hard to keep
us alive and vibrant. I am also very grateful to Fr. Greg for being so willing and
available to do whatever he can to help us celebrate our sacred liturgies so well. We at
St. Gabriel would be lost without his invaluable help. And, thank you to all of you for
whatever ways you share your time, your gifts, and your financial resources. That is
what a community is all about. God reward you. We value you and need you so much.
Please be assured of my prayers always, but especially during this Holy Week/Easter
season. I pray that we will continue to experience the New Life that Jesus offers us
through His Passion, Death and Resurrection. Peace be with you.
In God’s love,
Fr. Fred

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Confirmation Mass-March 21, 2021

Special Thank you to Kelli Knaus who prepared our Confirmation students this year!


Fr Fred's weekly letter-March 21, 2021

My Sisters and Brothers of St. Anthony Parish,
We are entering the last week of Lent before Holy Week. As we approach the most
sacred and important days of the liturgical year, we are challenged to understand more
deeply the meaning of “dying and rising” with Christ. Jesus teaches us in our Gospel
this weekend, “Unless the grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies it remains just a
grain of wheat, but if it dies it produces much fruit”. When life is all about
ourselves—our own gain, our own comfort or prestige, our own way—we eventually die,
and that is the end of just about everything we thought was so important. However,
when we live for others and ultimately for Christ; when we are willing to give selflessly of
ourselves—our time, our gifts, our resources—like Jesus did for us, then ultimately we
find the true meaning of life and we live forever with the Lord. I challenge all of us to
look at ourselves and ask, how is Lent changing me, and will I really live the meaning of
New Life as we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ?
I am very excited to celebrate Confirmation with six of our young people this Saturday
evening. Please keep them in your prayers, and if you are able, encourage them to
share their gifts with the Church and to bring new ideas and energy. They need to feel
our welcome and support, and we need to experience the gifts they bring.
I would like to invite anyone who would like to come to our Communal Celebration of
Reconciliation at St. Gabriel this Monday, March 22 nd , at 7 pm. This is a wonderful way
to celebrate and experience God’s great love and forgiveness in this powerful
sacrament, and certainly one of the best and most important ways to prepare to
celebrate the Sacred Triduum of Christ’s dying and rising.
First week of Spring. Last week before Holy Week. Health conditions are improving.
More and more people are being vaccinated. There are signs of hope and New Life all
around us. God is so good. Never lose hope. Peace be with you.
In God’s love,
Fr. Fred


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Let your voice be heard!

In an effort to better service our parish community we are inviting all of our parishioners to participate in this most important survey, "Called for More".

This survey will be vitally important to our Pastoral Planning Team as they formulate a 5 year pastoral plan for St Anthony of Padua Parish! This survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete by clicking on this link


 This survey is active from now until Sunday March 21. Please take a few minutes to help shape our future! If you need a paper copy please contact Steve Biro.

Finally, the majority of parishes in our diocese are now participating in this initiative as it will assist both parish leadership and the diocese when making decisions in regards to our parish.


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Fr Fred's weekly message-March 14, 2021

My Sisters and Brothers of St. Anthony Parish,
This is Laetare Sunday! That means it is time to Rejoice. Lent is half over. Spring is
in the air. We are making progress with the pandemic. All of that is good and worthy of
rejoicing. However, the biggest reason is that Easter draws near, and we once again
renew our faith that Christ is risen from the dead and we share His victory. All of us
know that our life on earth is filled with challenges, pain, sin and even death. What we
rejoice in is that Christ has triumphed and gives meaning and hope to all our sufferings,
as well as the promise of eternal life. In the Gospel this weekend, we hear those
famous words from John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,
so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish, but may have eternal life”. There
is no greater reason to rejoice. Feel the joy today and never lose sight of the Risen
We have some special days coming up this week. Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day.
Wear a little green. Have a little fun (even if you aren’t Irish). Friday is the Solemnity
of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this year that Pope Francis
has dedicated to St. Joseph, what better role model of faith and family could we look to?
Saturday is the first day of Spring. I hope you remembered to “Spring ahead” with
your clocks this weekend. Enjoy the extra sunshine. Next Saturday we also celebrate
the sacrament of Confirmation at 6:00pm with four of our eighth graders. We certainly
congratulate them and promise them our prayers. Unfortunately, Bishop Roger, who
was supposed to confirm them, took a bad fall and is unable to come. I am told he is
doing OK—no broken bones, but hurting and having to use a walker. The diocese
asked me to step in for him, so I will do my best to bring the support of the entire
Church, as well as to renew the gifts of the Holy Spirit to these fine young candidates.
Please pray for them. Also, Sunday is the last day to get the Disciple Maker Index
(the DMI survey) in. We really want to hear your thoughts and ideas as we work with
our parish leaders to plan for our future. This is something that is being done by our
whole diocese. The survey takes about 10 or 15 minutes and can be done either online
or with a hard copy. We look forward to hearing what you are thinking.
Have a great week. There are only two more weeks of Lent before Holy Week begins.
Prepare well and plan on the ways you will enter fully into the saving mystery of Christ’s
Passion, Death and Resurrection. This is the Good News. Rejoice. Peace be with
In God’s love,
Fr. Fred






Liturgy for Sunday January 24, 2021

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time


Please listen for an important message from our Pastoral Planning Team after







Sunday October 25th, 2020

1st Communion 2019-2020



May the Light of Faith shine forth from our parish as a beacon to guide our community to the Lord. When life seems difficult and troublesome, may our faith offer us security and strength. When we come together to celebrate God's gifts may the Holy Spirit fill us with joy.




As members of God’s family, we have a commitment to use our God-given talents to promote God’s message of love, to worship, educate, evangelize, and respond to the spiritual and human needs of our parish, cluster, diocese, district, community, and all other people. 
Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are called to be a lighthouse of faith to shine forth from our parish as a beacon to guide our community to the Lord.  When life seems difficult and troublesome, our faith offers us security and strength.  When we come together to celebrate God’s gifts, the Holy Spirit fills us with joy.
We are a welcoming Catholic community in Lake County, Ohio. Our pastoral staff Fr. Fred Pausche, Deacon John Wenzel and Fr. Greg Schaut invite you to join us for worship, faith formation and fellowship.
For more information concerning the parish please email us at office@stafh.org or call 440-354-4525.
For information concerning youth ministry please contact our Parish Catechetical Leader and youth minister Steve Biro at steve@stafh.org


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Jesus said, "Let the children come to me"

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Fr Fred Pausche

 St Anthony of Padua Parish Administrator

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